Veterinarians, retailers and stable owners can enjoy substantial savings by purchasing equine fecal test kits by the case.

Veterinarians Imagine the convenience of handing your client one of these kits and instructing them to send in a sample after the deworming program you started the horse on.  This saves you another trip to the client and the report can go directly to you, the veterinarian.  The kits can even be custom made with your name on the request form!

Retailers These kits measure 5” X 9” X 1” thick and comes with hanging tabs for strategic product placement.  There is no expiration date on these kits so they’ll last forever.  Its UPC code is registered and ready to use.

Stable Owners: We know how important it is to keep the stable environmentally clean.  One “high shedder” can infect an entire community of horses.  Periodic testing of all clients should be a required procedure.  And case discounts will make fecal testing convenient and very affordable.

Please contact our sales department for more information about case discounts and personalized kits.