ParaScreen-E - Horse Fecal Egg Count Test, Equine Fecal Test, Stool Sample test for Horses, Deworming Products, Dewormer for Horses, Parasite control for Horses.


Making fecal testing available and
convenient for horse owners


Test your Horse Population for Parasites First.

Identify the Culprits first!
By identifying equine intestinal parasites and knowing your horse’s fecal egg count (FEC), you and your veterinarian can devise “customized deworming” programs specific to your farm and your horse(s).
Work with your Veterinarian
ParaScreen and New England Horse Labs strongly recommend discussing all fecal test results with your veterinarian to determine the most effective treatment options for your horse. You don’t want to unneccessarily treat your horse.
Why is Fecal Testing Important?
Equine intestinal parasites are evolving, developing resistance to the very drugs that have been used to combat them. And with no new drugs on the horizon, horse owners need to pay close attention to their approach to parasite control and deworming practices.

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