Equine Fecal Test Kit – Horse Parasite Testing Kits from ParaScreen Labs

DO YOUR HORSE A FAVOR….ParaScreen-e Labs, developers of the Equine Fecal Test Kit, made for horse parasite testing, has been providing personalized, world-class equine laboratory testing for over 25 years to the veterinary community.

The lab, New England Horse Labs,  is inspected and certified by the USDA-APHIS and passes various proficiency testing every year to maintain this status.  ParaScreen-e now offers the equine fecal test kit directly to every horse owner and stable manager/owner for as little as $19 per sample, which includes a free, postage paid mailer with easy instructions.

Targeted equine deworming is recommended by veterinarians based upon fecal results, the environment, exposure to parasites, age and use of the horse, etc.  Also, equine deworming strategies are critical to providing the best possible care for our horses armed with the knowledge from a fecal analysis.  Experienced technicians will examine, identify and report to you and your veterinarian if your horse has any intestinal parasites.

To get started, please contact us for more information and convenient ordering.

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