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About Us

ParaScreen© is a subsidiary of its parent company New England Horse Labs. NEHL is a veterinary diagnostic lab serving equine veterinarians throughout the United States. As more and more private owners inquired about the availability of us performing testing on their horses, we knew there was a need for this service:

Fecal egg analysis for the private horse owner. As we talked to these new clients, we learned that it’s not just bypassing veterinarians to save a few dollars. Many of our clients live in very rural locations where routine veterinary exams are rarely performed. Once they receive the results of the fecal testing, most still refer to their veterinarian for proper advice and medications. So our service is a matter of convenience to private horse owners.

Our facilities are located in central New England and consist of almost 4,000 square feet of laboratory and office space. There is a specimen log-in area and multiple processing and microscopic evaluating areas. Because we live in New England, our facility has a natural gas generator to supply us with electricity when needed. We are affiliated with several local colleges and we offer internships to veterinary students. We also have an in-house equine veterinarian for guidance and consultation.

Parasites inflict just about every animal on earth (including humans) and many parasites are species specific. There are millions of types of parasites and no one technician can know all of them. Since we specialize in horses and other large animals, our expertise include parasites than inflict:

  • Horses, Sheep, Alpacas, Llamas, Goats

We specifically made our mail-in kits affordable and conveniently available in tack shops, catalogues, equine shows and on-line. Instructions are simple and the pre-addressed, postage-paid mailers are ready to give to your mail delivery person. We will send you the test results the same day we receive the specimen.

Remember, we are parasitologists, not veterinarians. Please call your veterinarian if you have questions about your test results.


Our History

ParaScreen© is the retail subsidiary of New England Horse Labs. NEHL was established in 1975 under the original name of DVMLabs which changed its name to New England Horse Labs following the death of the original owner. NEHL is certified by the USDA-APHIS which requires all lab techs to attend classes at the USDA in Ames, Iowa for certain testing and pass specific proficiency testing on an annual base to maintain this permit. The lab must also undergo inspection by government veterinarians on a routine schedule. Although its name is New England Horse Labs, we specialize in large domestic animals such as sheep, llamas, alpacas, goats as well as horses. All lab techs are well-trained in large animal parasitology and there is also an in-house equine veterinarian available for consultation.

All fecal test kits are mailed directly to New England Horse Labs and the large animal specialists test every specimen that arrives that day. Testing is performed every day the US mail service delivers. We also accept drop-off specimens from any local client.

Please note: We can consult on parasites but we are not veterinarians and cannot advise you on medications or types of treatments for your pets.

Our Staff

All commercial ParaScreen© fecal test kits are mailed directly to New England Horse Labs. As mentioned on other pages throughout this website, NEHL is a USDA-APHIS certified lab which undergoes proficiency testing and inspections for various testing on an annual basis. All of our technicians have been trained by senior specialists who have many years of experience in large animal parasitology. Many of the senior techs have traveled to the USDA-APHIS main facilities in Ames, Iowa for specialized training. There is also an in-house equine veterinarian who is always available for consultation of suspicious or difficult cases.

Our Mission

ParaScreen was created to make available testing for Fecal Egg Counts when veterinarians are unavailable or for those owners that choose to perform their own de-worming programs on their own animals. The people at ParaScreen have made the kit very user-friendly and at an affordable price. As you read through all of the information on this website, you’ll soon realize that the cost of testing will often reduce if not eliminate the cost of treatment, saving you money.

Our Motto: “test, treat, monitor” summarizes the basic treatment regimen suggested by more and more veterinarians in the battle against intestinal parasites. First you must test for fecal eggs to establish a baseline on your animal’s health. Depending on the results, your pet might not even need any deworming chemicals. Recent theories suggest 50-60% of all adult domestic barn animals do not even need treatment. If the fecal egg count suggests the need for deworming, your pet should be treated and then another fecal egg count should be performed to monitor how the dewormer is performing.

New England Horse Labs

New England Horse labs, an equine testing facility, is located in Worcester, Massachusetts. New England Horse Labs was founded in 1975 under the original name of DVMLabs in Warwick, RI. Over the next 30-plus years, DVMlabs went through a series of name changes while continuously servicing the veterinary community throughout New England. Now under new ownership and management New England Horse Labs has a brand new, state of the art equine specialty lab. With a wealth of experience in histology, veterinary and clinical services, New England Horse Labs is available to serve all equine veterinarians and stables throughout the United States.

Visit New England Horse Labs.

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