Who Are We and What Do We Do?

We offer a fecal parasite testing & analysis kit that can be mailed in by pet owners in order to get fast results on their animal’s health. ParaScreen was created to make available testing for Fecal Egg Counts when veterinarians are unavailable or for those owners that choose to perform their own de-worming programs on their own animals. The people at ParaScreen have made the kit very user-friendly and at an affordable price. As you read through all of the information on this website, you’ll soon realize that the cost of testing will often reduce if not eliminate the cost of treatment, saving you money.

Our Motto: “test, treat, monitor” summarizes the basic treatment regimen suggested by more and more veterinarians in the battle against intestinal parasites. First you must test for fecal eggs to establish a baseline on your animal’s health. Depending on the results, your pet might not even need any deworming chemicals. Recent theories suggest 50-60% of all adult domestic barn animals do not even need treatment. If the fecal egg count suggests the need for deworming, your pet should be treated and then another fecal egg count should be performed to monitor how the dewormer is performing.