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Worcester Horse Testing Lab Introduces ParaScreen-e™

A Convenient Fecal Testing Option for Horse Owners With intestinal parasite resistance in horses on the rise, equine fecal testing is becoming more important than ever. It is the only way to test for parasite resistance and provides valuable information necessary for establishing responsible deworming programs. “Advocates for fecal testing include veterinarians, horse-care professionals and […]

Economical, easy and fast way to check your horse’s parasite status. Helps cut down on unnecessary dewormings which in turn helps avoid an increase of high resistance worms.

How long will specimens last during shipping?

Because of our unique 3-container mailing system, specimens will remain fresh for up to 3 weeks after mailing.  Parasite eggs are very similar to chicken eggs.  They are quite resilient and will remain intact long after they reach their “expiration date”.  I have actually examined an old,  dried up “road apple” and easily identified Strongyle […]