Where is my report?

Fecal results should be sent to you within a week of you mailing in the sample.  Before calling or emailing us for your late results, please check your spam folder.  More than likely, you’ll find your report there!

Worms vs. Drugs: The Fundamentals

Here is a great article on “The Horse’s” website explaining the differences between various parasites and how to go about choosing the correct dewormer.   Click here to read the article.

Testimonial from Laura Pallos

I just ordered two kits for my horses. Really looking forward to getting them and sending off for results. I’m trying a non toxic worming program and I’ve been looking for a way to test the effectiveness without involving a vet visit every couple of months. Thanks!

~ Laura Pallos

quick results and easy access

My clients (and I) have appreciated the quick results and easy access for fecal tests.

Please send me more mailers.


– Andy K., DVM

How often should a fecal test be done on a healthy horse?

A.  This depends on the age and condition of the horse as well as prior fecal results.  Older horses generally have fewer issues due to a natural worm resistance that has developed over time.  Young horses, especially those under three years of age, need more frequent testing.  As a rule of thumb, many equine veterinarian suggest fecals be done at least four times a year for adult horses.  If a horse is under three years of age, every other month is best.  This schedule should be followed until there are few to no parasites seen on a few consecutive samples.  Then the time between samples can be increased.