Beth Libby Client Comment

Economical, easy and fast way to check your horse’s parasite status. Helps cut down on unnecessary dewormings which in turn helps avoid an increase of high resistance worms.

How long will specimens last during shipping?

Because of our unique 3-container mailing system, specimens will remain fresh for up to 3 weeks after mailing.  Parasite eggs are very similar to chicken eggs.  They are quite resilient and will remain intact long after they reach their “expiration date”.  I have actually examined an old,  dried up “road apple” and easily identified Strongyle eggs throughout the sample.

Where is my report?

Fecal results should be sent to you within a week of you mailing in the sample.  Before calling or emailing us for your late results, please check your spam folder.  More than likely, you’ll find your report there!

Worms vs. Drugs: The Fundamentals

Here is a great article on “The Horse’s” website explaining the differences between various parasites and how to go about choosing the correct dewormer.   Click here to read the article.

quick results and easy access

My clients (and I) have appreciated the quick results and easy access for fecal tests.

Please send me more mailers.


– Andy K., DVM